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Sinus lift: An update on recent evolutions

The sinus lift has undergone significant developments in recent years, the webinar will address these different points to improve the results of the surgery while trying to limit it's complications.

The litterature since 2017  has shown that:

– On the medico-legal level, the consensus of SFORL has introduced recommendations which directly impact our clinical approach

– Surgically, several techniques, with rates of complications but also different healing results, are now validated. The most advanced, the repositioned bony window has been supported by several very recent publications.

– Platelet concentrates such as PRF bring interesting clinical improvements and allow simple management class 1 and 2 perforations.

– The intra-operative and especially post-operative complications are better codified and the precautions to avoid them systematized.

The webinar will address these various points to improve the reliability and efficiency of sinus lifts.

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